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Direct Contact with Coaches

Video Production Athlete Promotion

NCAA Eligibility Information

Visa and Immigration Assistance


Travel Arrangement and 1st year in the U.S. essentials 

Direct Contact with Coaches

Our database is filled with every coach's contact information from the Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and NJCAA levels. We also have personal relationships with dozens of coaches and hand on experience at many schools. 

We will personally reach out to coaches on your behalf based on your level, preferences, and budget. Our goal is to be the contact person every step of the way, from initial outreach to scholarship negotiation and signing. 

Video Production and Athlete Promotion

Many coaches will need to see footage of you playing prior to offering a scholarship. This is your opportunity to show off your technique, physical assets, and the best areas of your game. We will give you specific instructions on what coaches want to see and edit the video entirely, with captions, and effects to ensure your skills are not overlooked. 

Our team will also look into your past results, current rankings, and ratings and send them to coaches along with your video. It is important for coaches to understand your game entirely. 

Coaches will also want to know you personally. Many coaches will look at an athlete's social media pages to see the type of person they are recruiting. We will assess your profiles and guide you in producing your best image.  

NCAA Eligibility

NCAA eligibility can be a complicated subject and may be difficult to find information online. Not to mention, every athlete's case is different. The NCAA is a very strict governing body with very specific rules regarding education and eligibility. In the U.K. specifically, GCSE options can cause complications in the NCAA education requirements. 

Prize money and amateur status are also complex factors in eligibility and are often on a case-by-case basis. 


It is best to have an expert on your team that can ensure you are academically on track and eligible to be recruited by U.S. coaches. 

Visa and Immigration Assistance

Acquiring your F-1 visa (student visa) for the United States can be a simple process if given the right instructions. We have created a step-by-step handbook to ensure that all your requirements are met.

Arranging an appointment at the U.S. embassy in London or Dublin may be difficult. We will guide you through the best methods to gain an appointment and the most efficient travel via train or tube routes. 


We will also inform you about the duration of your visa and answer any questions you may have. It is best to have an expert on your team that is knowledgeable about visa requirements and the diplomatic relationships between the U.K. and U.S.


The education system in the U.S. is different from the rest of the world, and there are many specific requirements that must be met to be admitted into a University. Most importantly, all schools require an ACT or SAT exam score. It is important to study and do well on these exams to be academically accepted into Universities. 

Our team will recommend specific study programs and help you register for the exams at a location most convenient to you. 

Travel Arrangements and 1st year in the U.S essentials

We will connect you with a professional travel agent who is knowledgeable and experienced with students traveling to the U.S. This will ensure you arrive on the correct date and for a low fare. 

Depending on your scholarship and the location of the school, health insurance may or may not be covered by the University you attend. It is required by U.S. schools for all student-athletes to obtain health insurance. Picking the right plan and budgeting accordingly is an underlooked and important step of the process. 

Upon entry into the United States, it is important to set up an American Bank account and purchase an American SIM card for your phone. We will offer tips and tricks through personal experiences on the best companies to work with based on your location. 

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